Camera car parking occupancy detection.

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Parkinto is a genuine parking system product which is able to detect car parking occupancy based on image only. Our application detects the "free/occupied" state of parking place with excellent results. The application uses advanced algorithms of A.I. and image recognition. The application can be run on dedicated server or even in the camera itself.

Parkinto comes with a new unique detection method using one or more cameras. Most of current technical solutions use sensors built into the ground under each parking space or mounted above each parking space. These solutions have a high installation cost and in some situations construction work may not be allowed


Occupancy detection

Application analyses images from the cameras and performs car parking occupancy detection.


Our system provides several types of statistics about usage of your parking spaces.

Reading car license plates

Application is able to read and recognize car license plates, so you know who parks on your parking place.

Cell phone payments

Thanks to the mobile app, it is easy to pay directly from your car.


The application offers RestAPI for easy integration into your system.

Easy installation

There is no need to perform any construction works or install sensors for each parking place.


We focus mainly on parking space owners. We offer the ability to observe and monitor parking spaces and provide data to web pages or other systems owned by the customer. Typical usecases are:

Municipal parking

Hotel parking

Shopping mall parking

Truck parking

Office park parking


High precision of detection


1 sec data refresh


Observed parking place on one camera


Non-stop technical support


Parking occupancy detection - CZ, Kutná Hora, Opletalova, 2019/10/29

Parking occupancy detection

MDP GEO - CZ, Otrokovice, Lidická 1246, 2019/10/14

Parking occupancy detection

The municipality of Děčín - CZ, Děčín, Mírové náměstí, 2019/10/07

Ice-cream shop open hours detection - CZ, Kutná Hora, Havířská stezka, 2018/09/04

Parking occupancy detection - CZ, Kutná Hora, Havířská stezka, 2018/30/07

About us

We are a young "start-up" company, determined to invent new smart solutions, which helps with "small" problems of modern world. Our technical solutions are based on years of experience in the field of A.I.

Image processing

Teaching cameras to recognize objects.

Customized applications

Tell us about your problem and we design a solution just for you.

Smart functions

We are successful in the usage of A.I.


  • January 7th 2020

Smartiple global impact

We have been contacted by customers from United Arab Emirates, USA, Canada, Norway etc. last year. We are pleased by the interest of the clients from all over the world. It motivates us to keep working hard. Thank you for your interest.

  • December 23th 2019

PF 2020

Thank you for your cooperation in 2019 and wishing you many personal and professional successes in 2020.

  • December 10th 2019

Smartiple support the purchase of medical devices

Smartiple builds partnerships not only with universities but with elementary schools. We are pleased to sponsor the bought of AED for Czech elementary school that will be available for external use as well. AED is automated external defibrillator device, that may safe the life.

  • December 3rd 2019

Registration Number Detection

Part of Parkinto system is vehicle registration number detection. Thanks to this function we recognize, who is standing on the parking place. The main advantage of this SW solution is an overview of who exactly occupied the parking slots. If our client requires, we can even distinguish employees and quests cars.

  • November 25th 2019

Cooperation with Universities

Strategic development is one of the main goals of our corporate culture. Part of the development is cooperation with universities. We work with students to help each other meet know-how with practice. We support students in the creation of their final theses and at the same time we o students to collaborate on our products. We are pleased to see the interest and enthusiasm of young people in our company.

  • November 20th 2019

Human Body Parts Detection

Our Smartiple R&D engineers have successfully implemented unique solution for human body detection. We are pleased and motivated by the interest and wide usability of our smart technology.

  • November 12th 2019

Drone Object Detection

As a part of smartiple technology testing, we made a video of object detection visualisation of parking site from dron. The video is from famous destination Malaga in Spain. We used dron DJI.

  • November 5th 2019

GDPR compliance

We received the approval from The office for personal data protection for camera data processing used by Parkinto. We are proud to declare that our services are GDPR compliant.

  • October 29th 2019

New instalation in Kutna Hora

Thanks to cooperation with company, we implemented another camera system in Kutná Hora on Opletalova street. Thank khnet for their trust and looking forward for another upcoming instalation.

  • October 22th 2019

MongoDB.local Munich 2019 conference

We are proud to know the latest technology. That's why our Parkinto service has potential and perspective. Many greetings from MongoDB.local Munich 2019.

  • October 14th 2019

Partnership with MDP GEO company

It´s our honour to start the cooperation with our new partner MDP GEO from Luhacovice city. Thanks to our partner we would like to offer our Parkinto service to another places maily in Moravia region. Smartiple and MDP GEO implented together their first sample installation in Otrokovice town.

  • October 7th 2019

Cooperation with Děčín City

Smartiple is proud to announce signed partnership with Děčín city. As a first part of project we implemented our flag product Parkinto for parking places occupancy monitoring. Our system detects means of transport in front of the City Hall building at Square of Peace.



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